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Driving Escorts

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How the scam works:

Wanting to make some extra money you start researching possibilities, one day finding an ad from an “employment agency” looking for drivers.

Upon contacting them, they mention your clients will be escorts and you will be paid very well (including a commission, depending on the number of customers the escort has that night or week). You get the whole speech: they are looking for somebody credible, who can also protect and be trusted by the girls. It sounds good – great money, great possibilities, beautiful women, you are in!

The agency is asking the applicants to commit themselves with an up-front deposit of a few hundred dollars. That’s when the scam happens, as the drivers will never receive further instructions and the scammers count on the fact that the applicants will be too embarrassed to go to the authorities to report the scam.

How to avoid:

Well, not much really to say, is there? Firstly, don't get involved in shady practices. Find a legitimate way to make money while driving, maybe even get a cab license.

In the meantime, if you are really looking for a job and seek to make some money until you find the next ideal job, there is a couple of options for employment online:


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There are 39 comments

  • On Monday, September 28, 2015, Arimis wrote:

    CONCORD ADULT ENTERTAINMENT___OHH man i got caught out there big time!!! So i call the # in the ad 646-453-9484 which sends me to a 914-698-6801 which was a recording about the business and how it operates which was driving escorts and clients. they ask for a membership fee of $299 to get started, which made sense at the time. Like an IDIOT i send the wire transfer to some DICK named DAVE and he sets me up with a driver # and info on whites expected moving forward which all seemed legit, but then a couple hours later he calls me with my 1st job or so i think.. he tells me i have to wire to a ticket broker an additional $295 for a ticket to where i need to pick up the client. (RED FLAG #2) when i tell him i can't come up with the additional money he then starts to insult me and hang up on me...FUCK THIS GUY


  • On Thursday, July 30, 2015, Pumpkin wrote:

    i was applying for a driver for "Ladies of the night escort", and i was told that i need $299.00 to become a member and that i only have 1 chance to call for the position and pay the money. They said that they need the money now, i am not feeling this at all so i tried to look up as much as i can about them but only thing i got was their address and phone numbers and website, but that is not helping me to find out if it is a scam which i truly believe it is. Why rush when getting the $299.00 to them or better yet why in world do i have to pay them this money in order for them to be able to pay me. Trust works 2 ways, I SHOULD TRUST THEM WITH MY $299.00 UP FRONT, BUT THEY DO NOT TRUST ME TO GIVE IT TO THEM LATER OR EVEN OUT OF MY PAY, THAT IS CRAZY!!!

  • On Friday, May 08, 2015, jack yeemat wrote:

    Members only is a great escort agency.i am a member and they send beautiful ladies to me. I been a member for 5 months.. I mean these girls are gorgeous..im happy it for the rich and pricey $1,000 hr. But well worth it.... Who ever wrote negative is probably jealous...thumbs up for members only escort agency..

  • On Monday, May 04, 2015, Anonymous wrote:

    This dude has so many scams going on it's not even funny. He posted a link on ATL backpage as follows:
    http://atlanta.backpage.com/AdultJobs/job-opportunity-cash-each-day-men-and-woman-look/28826257 which leads to their phony company website http://www.wearemembersonly.com/ that appears legit. When I called the driver number 904) 480-9401 the number was no longer working. That was my 1st indication that this was a scam. So I decided to call the escort number 904) 480-8401. When the guy answered he was rude as hell. Hung up on me and text me this number to call 201-708-6545 which lead to an automated message asking for approximately $300 up front. I'm not that dumb but I thought the public should know. When I began linking the numbers for example the 609-727-3252 with the same website http://www.wearemembersonly.com/ I discovered the guy has false employment ads posted on craigslist as well https://newjersey.craigslist.org/trp/5009770836.html. Nobody is running these many industries people. Please note Outerspace Entertainment XX http://www.outerspaceentertainmentxx.com/#!employment/cjta is just another company they go buy to scam the public into their false business. To make matters worse the business address posted on the website is someone's home in Beverly Hills CA. Do not fall for this people.

  • On Wednesday, April 08, 2015, Anonymous wrote:

    Thanks Colin but I already got burned.My scam artist's name was Staina Delete. 702-216-2974
    DON'T DO IT!!! God bless!

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