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Gym Membership Add-Ons

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How the scam works:

People get lured into signing gym memberships after seeing a great advertised price.

This is followed in most cases by a big surprise when the credit card statement comes in the mail. Several gyms charge unnecessary add-ons as well the monthly payment.

When you go and fight the charge with the management of the gym they tell you that the extra fees are for the “fitness improvement center”, “maintenance and upkeep”, “insurance”, and other payments. While you challenge this, saying you should have known about it beforehand, you will be shown the fine print, where the extra charges are mentioned (of course, they never talked about them when you signed the contract and gave your credit card number).

How to avoid:

Every time you want to join a gym, read the fine print and ask in advance about upcoming fees. If they mention “fitness improvement centre”, ask exactly what they will do and when. But above all, never, ever sign a contract without reading the fine print. If it makes them impatient, just tell them that you always read the fine print before signing and they will just need to wait.

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  • On Tuesday, August 25, 2015, Linda Killion wrote:

    i was scammed by synergy fitness in Astoria York. there was a automatic renewal clause in the contract. and also they want you to send a certified return receipt letter within 30 days. Not mentioned when i was sold the membership but it is in the contract in fine print. however its month to month after one year. Why did the manager contact me one year after demanding payment for an additional year. Why not a month or two after the one year was up? When I asked his response was "it's not our responsibility to inform you, you should have read the contract. ok then I should only owe one month not a year, since it's month to month not an additional year.

  • On Tuesday, December 18, 2012, Lawrence wrote:

    @Amanda, where was this? which one is this gym?

  • On Tuesday, December 18, 2012, Amanda wrote:

    Im a mother of a 4 month old and with a tight budget. i got scam and blantly lied to not by one but three sales reps who offered to transfer over my husbands current personal training sessions if i buy a memebership that same day. when i call to make the personal training appointment the GM said it wasnt possible. called customer service same response and didnt feel like i was lied to, played, and not taken seriously when i confronted the issue. I wasnt compensated for my money loss or the two months it took to figure out i wasnt getting those sessions. only reason i signed up was for those sessions they knew that and made promises. LA fitness scams people .

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