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Lottery Scratch Card Winner

How the scam works:

Most grocery stores have a bunch of free magazine stands at their exit doors. One day you find little lottery scratch cards on those stands. You scratch your card and bam! The 3 numbers (or 5) in a row match! You are a winner and are required to call a number provided.

You call, wait on the line for a bit, and are then asked to provide a confirmation number found on your winning card. You punch that in and wait for the long congratulatory message, explaining you that you are a winner. Then you will be required to give some personal information. The length of the whole call is over 4 minutes and you will be charged a fortune, because this is a hotline. Also, your personal information will now be sold to telemarketers.

How to avoid:

Firstly, there’s no such thing as a free lottery card. Secondly, never trust lottery scratch cards that ask you to call a number.

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