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Lottery Scratch Card Winner

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How the scam works:

Most grocery stores have a bunch of free magazine stands at their exit doors. One day you find little lottery scratch cards on those stands. You scratch your card and bam! The 3 numbers (or 5) in a row match! You are a winner and are required to call a number provided.

You call, wait on the line for a bit, and are then asked to provide a confirmation number found on your winning card. You punch that in and wait for the long congratulatory message, explaining you that you are a winner. Then you will be required to give some personal information. The length of the whole call is over 4 minutes and you will be charged a fortune, because this is a hotline. Also, your personal information will now be sold to telemarketers.

How to avoid:

Firstly, there’s no such thing as a free lottery card. Secondly, never trust lottery scratch cards that ask you to call a number.

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  • On Monday, March 23, 2015, Margot wrote:

    This time it is called Blue Jazz Travel and a Mr Frankie Tay is the person on the other end of the phone in Malaysia. Dont get caught up. It's all very plausible. and there is a link to a Hong Kong Sponsor - Mike & Joyce Ltd. STOP before you give any details that can be used in identity theft.

  • On Saturday, June 08, 2013, sandra forbes wrote:

    My husband and I got caught with this scam except we didn't know how they got our name and address as we'd moved interstate only 3 weeks earlier and nobody knew our new contacts.Older people are just too trusting.

  • On Saturday, June 08, 2013, W Booth wrote:

    I think Carlos Tay could make more money as an actor or put his talents to a legitimate business. they must put a lot of capital into this scam. I am wondering what the percentage is of people who actually send money.

  • On Saturday, June 08, 2013, Neil wrote:

    The covering travel company documentation often looks very professional,the website looks good, all very plausible. Phone and email contacts are well handled from either Malaysia or HongKong, but once there is any suggestion of paying money up front to collect money, STOP if you havent already dumped them.

  • On Wednesday, May 08, 2013, Ethel Barnes wrote:

    I was taken in by a Travel firm Ravine Travel who selected my name from the phone book and the scratch card said I had won 2nd prize of $160000. I did ring the number in Malaysia- fortunately only 39cents. Their plan was veruy plausible and elaborate involving someone from Leon Philip. They said the Hong Kong gov.required me to send $3600 to release the money and that would be returned later. I did noit have the money but my daughter offered to lend it to me as Carlos Tay sounded so caring and genuine (ha!ha!) When I went to send it at the P.O. the girl showed me your website and one guy even mentioned Carlos, so despite phone calls to find out if I had sent the money I did not so beware of Travel brochures. So many people must be involved in this scam.

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