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PIN Pad Cloned Debit Cards

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How the scam works:

(with video below) The Cloned Debit Card scam marks an alarming growth this month, August 2015. Crooks are either workers at a store you're shopping at (they operate the till) or just come into stores and stick a skimmer into the PIN pad while the teller is not paying attention. There are two ways criminals clone your debit card:

1. They insert a thin card reader inside the device, under the keypad. You can't see it, so it's hard to avoid. The card reader looks like a film strip and records your pressed keys.

2. This one comes as a card reader as well, but is attached to the numbers pad. You can only see this one if you pay attention to the keypad, which is now a bit bigger than usual.

Watch the video below to see in action PIN pad skimming scammers caught on camera, as well as tips on how to avoid the scam.

PIN Pad Skimming Scammers Caught On Camera Video

How to avoid:

Despite popular belief, criminals do not take the money from your account right away. Police reports indicate they usually leave a few months in between, just so you record hundreds of other transactions on your bank statement. This makes it almost impossible for investigators to track the exact store where your card was defrauded. You can avoid this if you change your PIN number very often. It's inconvenient, but doesn't cost you anything. Better safe than sorry. On the other hand, for the alternative scams, always cover your PIN number when you type it in, as well as check the PIN pad for any unusual attachments.

Here are three more variations of the bank card skimming scam:

ATM Machine Skimming Scam

Replaced PIN Pad Scam

Stolen PIN With Infrared Camera Scam

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  • On Thursday, August 15, 2013, Christine Fairweather wrote:

    I have had my card cloned and pin number taken. I rang up the NatWest Fraud Team who advised me that the only way the fraud could have happened is if I gave someone my card, or they took it and then put it back, and also told someone my pin, or wrote it down or left it laying about.

    At the time of the conversation I was not aware of what could happen, but was very annoyed and distressed, especially when they asked me if I had a passport and driving licence!

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