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Post Card for Seniors

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How the scam works:

Scammers design and send countless post cards to neighborhoods populated by the elderly.

The card informs the recipient “an approved senior final expense program is now available, to help pay for the senior’s final expenses." (aka funeral). Don't get us wrong, there are legitimate services out there (independent insurance agents) that provide that kind of programs, but this refers only to the scammers who impersonate those real organizations.

The card also mentions that the program could get the qualifying seniors up to $15,000!

Indeed, the call to action is at the end of the card, stating: “It is your legal right as a taxpayer to receive all the information available to you. You must complete this request form within 5 days.”

Seniors fall for this and are required to pay not only a “small” application fee, but also to give all their personal information.

How to avoid:

Tell your elders to let you know whenever they get such things in the mail. Take a closer look at the names used, research, and determine if the mail comes from legitimate services or bogus ones. Better safe than sorry.

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  • On Tuesday, May 27, 2014, Jenny wrote:

    I just got on today and not even a senior saying second notice . I knew it did not sound right that's when internet comes in use .

  • On Wednesday, May 14, 2014, Elderly person wrote:

    got this today from Data Processing Center, Marietta, GA. Must send phone number or will not qualify, Tossed it.

  • On Saturday, May 10, 2014, Robert Ward wrote:

    Seniors ( I am one) in America need to go on the offensive against the opportunistic predators who want to profit from our gullibility and need.
    I for one am going to send the card and any information I can find on these people to my local FBI office and to the State Attorney General's office. These scams have to be dealt with or they will just continue to take advantage of people that are not aware. So predators beware, you attempt to scam me or get my personal information for sale, I will report you and your scams to the authorities.

    Seniors be safe and be well.

    Robert Ward
    Kings Mtn., NC

  • On Sunday, May 04, 2014, Ginger Williams wrote:

    Got this card yesterday morning. Read it, folded it, tore it up and threw it in the trash.I may have been born at night but it wasn't last night.

  • On Thursday, April 24, 2014, Deb wrote:

    Got the card saying "may qualify for state-regulated benefits programs in Tennessee".And wanted personal info on card.No way!And my zip is wrong!!LOL!!

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