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Stripper Tricks

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How the scam works:

Have you ever heard of anybody falling in love with a stripper? Yes, it happens all the time, by design.

Dealing with people on a regular basis, strippers are smart and very good judges of character. They know exactly how to approach every man, telling older gentlemen, divorcees or those who project themselves as family men that they have a baby who is a few months old and the father left them all alone.

Typically, the two of them develop a “friendship” relationship rather than a “business” one. In time, men forget the real reason they were there the first time, and start “helping a friend out” with some money. When asked about it by friends, they deny the “sponsorship” saying things such as: "it is not what you think”. 

Another trick approach strippers use is telling men that they are students and work hard for their tuition (heard that one before?)

How to avoid:

Don't fall for it. Strippers feed mens’ confidence by listening to them and making them feel good. Just like psychologists with benefits…

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  • On Saturday, May 17, 2014, James North wrote:

    I just got taken for $168,694.23 from this damn stripper in Redland CA. She demanded I make her my "girlfriend" on facebook.com and that she loved me to death. She started sending porn of her self to me, then started telling me personal things about myself that NO ONE should EVER know. So there was the RED FLAG people!!! Here last post said this "Baby, I'm going to bed, I hope that you have GREAT DAY tomorrow, I know I will, Thanks baby, your REALLY the best , hahahahaha" I IMMEDIATELY de friended her and went to my bank account online and guess what (3) bank transfer of $75,583.33, $16,818.22 and $23,689.46 then the savings acct $8,000, $5,000 and $21,000 transferred overseas then the CC accts $3,189.76- Amazon.com, $14,226.33- Amazon.com and FINALLY $687.13-Ebay.com. So I called the local FBI office in my area and told them what happened, they Immediately shut DOWN my facebook.com accounts, bank accounts and credit cards. Then the FBI discovers that they are in my home computers and home video surveillance cameras too WTF, how the HELL could they have gotten ALL THIS INFO from my facebook account??? God help me watch out everyone, I'm f***ed :(

  • On Sunday, June 30, 2013, kiki wrote:

    I am a stripper and only would use your number to call you on a night that is slow. I don't see how giving your number to her would give her anymore advantage then that. So, no worries. We deal with so many people. She forgot all about you by now if you didn't spend a great deal on her.

  • On Tuesday, April 02, 2013, fred wrote:

    i was on a public web site and a girl stripped for me then said to call her on her cell. she gave me a phone number to call with the area code of 306 which is Saskatuwan, canada. can she use my number for her gain? if so how do i stop it? i know i should not have called her but hind site is always 20-20. Thank for any info you have on this.

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