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Unclaimed Money for You

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How the scam works:

This is an excerpt from a real scammer’s e-mail: “Public records indicate that $3,226,519 of unclaimed money has been turned over to the State of California for distribution.

Potentially an amount of money from this fund belongs to you. For instructions and your UMC Form (Unclaimed Money Collection Form) return this form along with a $20 check to: Asset Recovery, PO Box,….”.

The message above could come to your inbox, tailored to the country you’re living in. Indeed, answering this email with a $20 check and a form filled out not only would "lighten" your bank account but also give the crook access to your personal information.

How to avoid:

Although it sounds tempting, that’s not how things work with unclaimed money, no matter your country.

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  • On Wednesday, December 03, 2014, Myra wrote:

    just receved this one WESTERN UNION CHARISMAS BONANZA PROMOTION 5,000.00 contact MR PETER PAN Tel +229-61768966 email westernnionmoney002trnsfer@gmail.com ask for MTCN number

    add your name adress and phone number

  • On Sunday, October 05, 2014, Jacob Elliott wrote:

    I am keep getting emails from Secret Millionaire Society .com saying thatI have money in my account but I don't know where is this account is

  • On Thursday, July 24, 2014, William Irvine wrote:

    There are legitimate sources of unclaimed money. Best action is to log on to the state treasury department - I have found the following - 1.) A refund due me on mortgage insurance when I paid off the mortgge on my home. (2.) A refund due from th4e phone company for a "paid in advance" bill. (3.) A forgotten: savings account which was never closed; (4.) A mutual fund held in closed brokerage account. Anyone who has paid off a mortgage, moved from one state to another, paid for utility connections in advance, etc. can probably find a refund due.

  • On Saturday, January 19, 2013, Avans wrote:

    My name is Patricia Avans in Trenton, Georgia.
    Nigeria has about $500,000,000 of my money and I have the forms to prove it, after all you have put me through tell me how I would do to collect.
    Patricia Avans

  • On Saturday, February 25, 2012, rodney philips wrote:

    been scammed by marylyn cooper from barclay bank london barrister jon antell jon alexandre barrister in sth africa claiming a non residential diclosure form costing 966 pounds send money to nigeria when i said no they said sent to walter smith phillippines again i said no they want me to send amount to marylyn cooper barclay bank london claiming 5.5 million will be deposited in my bank in australia

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