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Facebook Account Winner

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How the scam works:

There is a new scam going around, coming to your e-mail inbox as a personal message from Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. It contains the following text: "This is to inform you that you have won the sum of one million dollars from our 2012 Facebook Inc Sweepstakes. This is a bonus to promote our users worldwide through this online lottery, which is fully based on an electronic selection."

Indeed, just like many other winning notifications, this scam requires you provide your bank account and some other personal information, in order to receive the money. After you connect with 'the agent', he asks you to open a bank account at a financial-looking website (such as http://www.cash.plusbk.net). Then he will send you a bank account information and told you to activate the account by depositing amount of a few hundred dollars (or British Pounds).

How to avoid:

As cool as it is to receive a personal email from Mark Zuckerberg, this is just another scam. Look at the domain name or the email adress they're using. If they claim to be from a corporation but the email comes from a gmail or yahoo address, you should know that something is wrong. Always do your research and trust only legitimate companies.

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  • On Sunday, September 28, 2014, zafar iqbal wrote:

    we receive this massage...
    Dear Zafar You are our facebook $200,000.00 Cash Splash Winner.

    Dear Sir,You have been selected as one (1) of (15) winners in this months facebook online cash splash promo selected by our internet processing unit selected from Saudi Arabia. Our fifteen (15) winners have been selected from five continents currently connected to the facebook network.

    Your User name as the 5th beneficiary was selected specifically by our Digital Random Internet Processing Service (D.R.I.P.S) and your reward is coming from the interests generated from advertising and copyrights from the facebook network.

    Congratulations once again from facebook,you are entitled to the sum of $200,000.00 (Two hundred Thousand USD).Your winnings will be collected by you through any method of your choice.
    I will be your fiduciary agent so,Provide the information's below and we will send you a verification text immediately for authentication.

    Your full Names..................
    Your contact Phone number.................

    Thank you for joining the facebook network. Does he correct or uncorrected

  • On Thursday, September 25, 2014, Samuel L Zachery wrote:

    Facebook should add a application where the post can be sent directly to them, the FBI or another law enforcement, they can then see where the email is coming from. I just received on from Olvan Delivery Service. They want to play 280 dollars to deliver my 600,000 dollar award that I won through Facebook. I can't believe these people think I'm so stupid !I can copy and past the conversation and so can every body else, I'm sure !

  • On Thursday, September 18, 2014, Julie DuPont - Hoffman wrote:

    Scammers tried to scam me last evening (9/17/2014)
    They got the above listed info from me then when they told me I won 600,000.00
    I knew something was wrong. Then the guy/Mark Jacob saying he was with Facebook And a lady/Mrs Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook started texting me while Mark Jacob kept sending me messages through FB messenger both denying it wasn't a scam. After I told him he was a scammer and I was going to The TBI and news with this scam. Then Mark Jacob told me FBI aware and approved and it was against lottery rules to tell anyone about I would go to jail as liason for scammers because I told public and put other winners at risk since large amount of money!! I tried to contact FB and Mr Zuckerberg last night No return response. Those people tried to get me to send 325.00 then 300.00 for delivery charges for UPS to deliver check to my door. Idiots Im telling EVERYONE I can about this SCAM.

  • On Monday, September 15, 2014, Bob Williams wrote:


    Dear Winner,

    Thanks for getting back to us..This Promotion is real and it is
    legally Approved by The Board of Directors of FACEBOOK and fully
    supported by the United States Of America Lottery Association.

    Your name was officially selected by Mr Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of
    FACEBOOK (Founder & Chief Executive Officer ).

    This promotion was made to make few FACEBOOK user benefit from the
    gain the company.

    FACEBOOK is a the first and ever largest means of meeting both old and
    new friend and Facebook is the largest social network around the

    Your Won ( ONE MILLION DOLLARS ) has been forwarded to us here for us
    to deliver it to your country.

    We are the payment department and in other for you to get your prize,
    All winner are expected to provide their Information and
    Identification to claim there won prize.

    Kindly fill the promotion question accordingly.

    Fill the below:

    1. Full Name :
    2. Full Address, City, State, Zip Code :
    3. Marital Status :
    4. Occupation :
    5. Age :
    6. Sex :
    7. Nationality :
    8. Country :
    9. Telephone :


    Once again,

  • On Friday, September 05, 2014, Steven Jimmo wrote:

    I just got scammed on this but in a different manner. A "friend" contacted me through FB message and started with did you hear what happened to me. He had me contact a Frederick Smith who talked to me and did the rest of the scam. Unfortunately because the original message was from a person I trusted implicitly, I answered the questions. It wasn't until they asked for payment of the shipping and processing charges that I realized that I got took. Now they have all of the information they need except for my SSAN.

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