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Facebook Fake Account

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How the scam works:

Using social media sites like Facebook is a great way to keep up with old friends and connect with new ones. However, it’s also a great venue for scammers to prey upon your family and friends using you as a front for their criminal activity.

In this latest phishing scam, the crooks will use your name and photograph to create a fake Facebook profile; they will then send messages to your Facebook friends about 'claiming a prize'. Sometimes, this prize could be tens of thousands of dollars and the reasons of the winning could be different: Facebook anniversary, lottery draw, etc.

Once the friends reply for more details, they are tricked into giving their personal identification information which then leads to identity theft.

Even worse, there were cases when scammers duplicated official Facebook pages of reknown churches or pastors. They would then send messages to the thousands of fans asking for donations and theye were quite successful in their crime. One example is Pastor Wayne Cordeiro, one of Hawaii's most known public figures.

How to avoid:

At this time, being vigilant is the only real recourse Facebook users have. Do a search for your name and see if “doppelgangers” pop up with your picture. If you do find a phony profile, send a report to Facebooks email, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Facebook has also set up a page where victims can report imposters and notify other users of scams being spread on the popular social networking site.

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  • On Wednesday, November 19, 2014, Dan Malcolm wrote:

    Contacted by a Scammer ? ?
    Hi. then blue writing stating want to be true friend....
    I Checked profile... Female.
    I said Hi. thanks. are you a Scammer though?
    respectfully. & SENT VIA MY MESSAGES.

    FACEBOOK WENT TO LOG IN SCREEN.. Although i was On already!!!
    I went to Sign in again.
    Found JUST THEN I AM Temporarily Blocked and needded ID for Verification.



    thankyou so much !


  • On Sunday, October 12, 2014, Carol Westberg wrote:

    I received a Friend request from Ermalee Coonis in California today. She is already on my list of friends. I believe she has been hacked.

  • On Friday, October 03, 2014, Thomas Simmons wrote:

    Fernandez Joma on Facebook. Has 23 profiles under that name is contacting women for friend request and then proceeds to romance them and then tries to scam them. They friend of mine asked me to investigate him sending her a package which required money to get it. Turned out the company was fake who was to deliver the package as well as his phone numbers and his location. Tracked him to Johannesburg South Africa instead of London England where his profile said. Now they have changed to Baghdad. I have been scammed before and do get quite a few friend request on Facebook this churn out to be people using fake pictures and trying to scam me.

  • On Monday, September 22, 2014, linnet wrote:

    Anthony Daniel morris or Daniel Anthony
    Is a fake profile on fb.he scam women by saying he loves you and sending you money to your country which he got from war and sending it through captain Michael Robert. Michel robert and anthoney will request you to clear the money from customs by paying a huge amount of money.plz ignore them or report against them.

  • On Saturday, August 23, 2014, Nancy Harvey wrote:

    Please HELP me get rid of the phoney fb acct under my name that is preying on my friends!
    this is my second request here!
    I changed passwords twice!
    Do I need to change my email acct totally?

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