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Facebook Lottery Chat

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How the scam works:

(video below) You are checking your Facebook and one of your new added contacts starts a conversation with you using the chat feature. You remember all of a sudden that you added this 'Emily Walker' as a friend about a month ago although you didn't really know her.

However, you saw her posts are decent, sometimes even funny, so you don't worry much about her. Then one day, as mentioned, she finds you online.

After starting the chat, 'Emily says she works for the promotions department at Facebook Inc.

Below is a real conversation between the scammer and us. The picture in this article is the actual link she sent:

'Emily Walker':

I am here to pass a vital information to you but before I proceed, I would like to know if you have been informed about your winning.


No I had no idea that FB had a lotto? I have friends who work at Head office. I have never heard them mention. Please proceed?

'Emily Walker':

Oh i see.. I am delighted to inform you that your name was luckily selected among the 10 lucky winners who won the sum of $50,000.00 on the Facebook online lottery international draw. NOTE:this is 100% real and legit and the FBI are aware of this lottery promo.. You can also check this link to find the best history of the Facebook past winners: (spammy link containing the words 'winners' and 'Facebook').

The idea is that you trust 'Emily Walker' as your Facebook friend and... check the link. This is a two-way hit for the scammers. First, in a few cases, the link is compromised getting your computer infected with malware, spyware, or keylogging. Furthermore, if you believe in the existence of the lottery, she will ask you for your personal information, including your address.

Then she will proceed by saying your cheque will be sent to you by FedEx and they will contact you to pay a little fee, in order to deliver the cheque. As you can imagine, a fake FedEx employee will contact you to ask you for that fee.

Watch the video below to see a victim of this scam explaining in detail her experience in the news.

Facebook Lottery Scam In The News Video

How to avoid:

Although it's easy to reckon is a scam the moment your new Facebook friend contacts you, there are still many victims out there that are naive. You should know that you shouldn't accept friendship invitations from people you don't know. This scammer just stole somebody else's picture off the Internet and use it to impersonate a respectful, corporate individual. Always do your research and trust only legitimate companies.

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There are 517 comments

  • On Friday, November 21, 2014, dollylandis wrote:

    I HOPE THIS WILL HELP!!!!I watched Night Line last night,and they had a professional Scammer on.I'm not feeling as stupid as I was Monday.Tbe
    The Scammers call it getting you under the ETHER,They get you to loose your intellect and your strictly EMOTIONAL,Most people do not REPORT their experiences because they are embarrassed.He admitted being Scum of the earth,he doesn't care.I hope this will HELP SOMEONE not to fall like I did because it's a dirty experience.

  • On Friday, November 21, 2014, Marlene and Anthony Bicchieri wrote:

    Just happened to me!

  • On Friday, November 21, 2014, Justin wrote:

    Debbie Phillips is running a scam too.

    Deb: I have an urgent information to pass to you that was why i sent you a friend request

    Deb: I was authorized by the Facebook Company to send you a friend request, so as to inform you about your winnings in the Facebook Lottery 2014

    Me: Do I know u

    Deb: No you do not, neither do i

    Me: You are scamming me

    Deb: No, this is in no way a scam, this is 100% real and legit

    Me: Well what I have to say to it. Buh bye

    Me: Nice try don't message me again

    Deb:You are among the lucky winners of the Facebook Lottery 2014, and you are entitled to receive your winning certificate, your fund ownership certificate, and also your winning amount of $500,000.00 from the Facebook Company

    Me: Look. Can you say scam? Can you also say block?

  • On Thursday, November 20, 2014, Ada Fancher wrote:

    I just got one of those messages I feeling a dope because I fell for it and now they have my info what should I do please help me I am so new at this I cant even run a computer this is a horrible thing to someone who is in financial Troy le and ready to loose their home

  • On Wednesday, November 19, 2014, dollylandis wrote:

    Waiting for you Mr.Zuckerman to Help.Or is this the same old thing,People with Money,just Don't Care.

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