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Facebook Lottery Chat

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How the scam works:

You are checking your Facebook and one of your new added contacts starts a conversation with you using the chat feature. You remember all of a sudden that you added this 'Emily Walker' as a friend about a month ago although you didn't really know her.

However, you saw her posts are decent, sometimes even funny, so you don't worry much about her. Then one day, as mentioned, she finds you online.

After starting the chat, 'Emily says she works for the promotions department at Facebook Inc. Below is a real conversation between the scammer and us. The picture in this article is the actual link she sent:

'Emily Walker':

I am here to pass a vital information to you but before I proceed, I would like to know if you have been informed about your winning.


No I had no idea that FB had a lotto? I have friends who work at Head office. I have never heard them mention. Please proceed?

'Emily Walker':

Oh i see.. I am delighted to inform you that your name was luckily selected among the 10 lucky winners who won the sum of $50,000.00 on the Facebook online lottery international draw. NOTE:this is 100% real and legit and the FBI are aware of this lottery promo.. You can also check this link to find the best history of the Facebook past winners: (spammy link containing the words 'winners' and 'Facebook').

The idea is that you trust 'Emily Walker' as your Facebook friend and... check the link. This is a two-way hit for the scammers. First, in a few cases, the link is compromised getting your computer infected with malware, spyware, or keylogging. Furthermore, if you believe in the existence of the lottery, she will ask you for your personal information, including your address.

Then she will proceed by saying your cheque will be sent to you by FedEx and they will contact you to pay a little fee, in order to deliver the cheque. As you can imagine, a fake FedEx employee will contact you to ask you for that fee.

How to avoid:

Although it's easy to reckon is a scam the moment your new Facebook friend contacts you, there are still many victims out there that are naive. You should know that you shouldn't accept friendship invitations from people you don't know. This scammer just stole somebody else's picture off the Internet and use it to impersonate a respectful, corporate individual. Always do your research and trust only legitimate companies. If you are really looking to earn money or rewards online or from social media, there is a couple of companies that are trustworthy and can offer you great opportunities:


Be rewarded the Web's Premiere Rewards Site

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If you are into paid surveys, this is the place. GlobalTestMarket is an industry leader in online research panels, where members are invited to participate in online surveys on numerous topics, and in return are eligible for cash or regular and frequent entry into sweepstakes. Highly recommended, as they also have A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can register for free HERE.

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  • On Sunday, July 13, 2014, Robert Villa wrote:

    I have been on The Facebook Lottery Promotion Scam.
    They keep sending you to a different Department that is the Last Time I would have to pay it is all a big Lie. I was suppose to get $950,000. and it turned out to be a big Lie. First of all they will not give you their address or Name of the company.
    Each time telling they are honest. I wanted to see if it was true. No way, every time they said you would be delivered your winning check and Legal Document and a claim that was required. Each time it would cost you more money. They want you to spend around $5000. And you still be asking you for more money. Do Not Fall for this Scam. They totally Lie.

  • On Sunday, July 13, 2014, Gretchen wrote:

    Who is john Richards and why is he pressuring me for $800 to get$90000 lottery winnings?

  • On Sunday, July 13, 2014, Julie Gray wrote:

    Last night ..July 12-2014 I had one of my Facebook friends doing this and this morning she posted she was hacked n not to accept anything from her. This scammer asked me for my full name..address ..city n state...age ..zip code..if I was male or female....my job title..they were saying they worked for the CEO

  • On Saturday, July 12, 2014, Paula Sanchez wrote:

    On July 11,14 I received an instant message from Donna White telling me that I won $950.000.00 US Dollars and I just added her as friend on Facebook then I received an email from a Chris Cox and I asked him if I would have to pay taxes on this winnings just to see what the response would be' But he hasn't responded back. So from the things that I have read this is a scam then.

  • On Wednesday, July 09, 2014, JohnWilmer wrote:

    Yeah I just got a similar email from some dude named Michael Growth.He said I had won $250,000 & that I had been "randomly picked out of 20 other people on Facebook".But when I emailed Michael Growth he wouldn't even TELL me who the other 20 contestants WERE.

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