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How the scam works:

(with video below) You receive a message (usually by e-mail, but sometimes on social networking sites as well) from somebody who claims to be the widow, the lawyer, or the children of somebody who recently passed away.

It could even come from your pen pal, who has been developing a friendship with you in the last few months, but now somebody in his/her family just died. Most often, these deaths have occurred in a plane crash.

The person will tell you that they got an inheritance in a foreign bank and they need help getting the funds out. You will be asked for help and – as a reward – you will get 20 or 30% of the total inheritance. You will be provided with an attorney’s number or somebody who will apparently take care of the whole process in that foreign country (usually Netherlands or England) and you are supposed to call him, to arrange the details.

To start the process, the lawyer will need a few fees, which victims usually pay, knowing that they will get a good chunk of the inheritance later on. Needless to say, it never happens.

Watch the video below to see a new twist in the Inheritance Scam, as reported in the news.

Inheritance Scam in the News Video

How to avoid:

Never fall for a request for help in getting money out of a foreign country. The scammers know that a large proportion of the people they contract through e-mail or Facebook messages are not knowledgeable enough to recognize that this is just a scam.

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  • On Tuesday, November 18, 2014, yuko johnson wrote:

    I dont know if this is a scam.. she seems to tell her life story or even like me as her child.. and a gift of god to her.

  • On Friday, November 07, 2014, Victor Schenk wrote:

    I have been contacted by a Mr James Griffin (Heir Hunter) 27 Old Gloucester Street London informing me of the inheritance left to me by the late Robert Schenk who died last year. I am asked to send my details plus a letter he supplied to IFCserve2gmail.com and addressed to a Mr Martin Browne. Going along with this scam I did so and received Customer Payment Instruction from Isle of Man Bank to complete from Mr Browne. On this form they request Banking details which I subsequently said I will not supply as I would like the funds to remain at Isle of Man. Now waiting to see what happens next. Will keep you informed as a matter of interest. Kind regards, Victor Schenk

  • On Thursday, October 30, 2014, Matt wrote:

    Hello Jablonski

    I am Contacting you for Late Mr Andrew Jablonski who died with his
    supposed Next of Kin/Heiress Apparent (wife and Daughter). I have
    searched for any other members of his relative without any fruitful
    result; so I am Contacting you to unclaimed estate (USD$10,400,000,00)
    Only remained in the bank to be transferred in your account

    That's the e-mail I got today some type of new scam?

  • On Monday, October 27, 2014, Dan Stojadinovic wrote:

    I got contacted via LinkedIn about getting 10 million but I had to send first via wire transfer I lied and said I don't have a bank account then they asked me to send via Western Union. I documented everything:


  • On Wednesday, October 08, 2014, Dalton wrote:

    I received a letter today from Bruno Schulz, a 'lawyer' in Germany, claiming that a supposed relative of mine, with the same surname, had died in that country, leaving $41,000,000.00, and that I was the beneficiary. If I were to claim my 'inheritance', I would be eligible to receive 40% of the sum, Mr. Schulz would get 40% and a charity of my choice could claim the remaining 20%. Schulz & Schulz. Business Law, Danneckerstrass, 36, 70182 Stuttgart, Germany. E-mail: brunsoschulz48@yahoo.com or brunsoschulz48@gmail.com.

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