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Collect Call from Prison

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If you ever receive a phone call from your local prison on your house phone and the operator tells you to press 1 to receive a collect call, don’t accept it (unless your buddy is arrested on a regular basis and you know he always calls). Many victims accept these collect calls because they don’t know who might be on the other side.

How does this scam work? Whenever allowed to make phone calls, real inmates dial random numbers until they find somebody willing to help. As soon as the victims answer, the scammer comes in with a quick apology for disturbing them followed by an emotional short story, such as being thrown in jail because he beat up a guy who assaulted his daughter, an hour ago.

The prisoner will ask the victim to call a number where supposedly his daughter is, to make sure she is ok. He will say that the number is impossible to reach from the prison he is in, or that they are not allowed to call cell phones. People fall for this scam as they think they are doing a good deed.

In reality, what victims do when dialing the number provided is just… call-forwarding their own telephone lines. This way, after getting you to forward the number, the scammer can call anywhere he wants, without being charged.

How to avoid:

Check the forwarding code in your country and make sure you never use it when asked to by someone else.

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  • On Monday, August 11, 2014, Eles wrote:

    Recently I received three of this type of call within two days to my cell phone. Two of them were from a 314 area code.

  • On Friday, July 25, 2014, msbosslady wrote:

    i have been getting calls from 4797212579, 3168717407, 7572956691, 6178204358, 3134149981, 5057021996, 5867924931, 7875143285, 5023037745, 5057022996, 7174725594 (12x) in 2 days that last number telling me to press 1 to accept.... its annoying.. one time it happened 4am in the morning..i was pissed i called the number back and a lady answer i ask if she called and she said no.... i was upset.. and telling her what the call said and she or the phone hung up

  • On Friday, July 25, 2014, CHRISM1112 wrote:

    They just tried to call me. Same # 314-669-2753.

  • On Friday, May 23, 2014, Tom Hunter wrote:

    I get these calls CONSTANTLY. I have submitted numerous FTC complaints. Nothing happens. I am tempted to spend $99 on a call blocker to make them stop.

  • On Friday, February 21, 2014, John wrote:

    I have received 4 calls from a prison in Mo, 314-669-2753. The female automated voice is clear and easy to understand. The male saying his name does it quickly so it's hard to understand.

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