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DEA Call

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How the scam works:

(with video below) DEA stands for the United States’ Drug Enforcement Administration. Callers phone homeowners and present themselves as DEA representatives.

They tell the victims that DEA has intercepted a large package addressed to them.

“We are sorry to inform you, but this package has your name on it, and you have the choice of paying $1,200 to forfeit the drugs or go to jail". When trying to fight back, the victims (usually older) are asked for evidence that they are NOT involved in this drug deal. “If you don’t have any, the fact that your name and address is on the package could put you away for 12 years”.

Watch the video below to see in action the DEA Call scam.

DEA Call Scam in the News Video

How to avoid:

Tell your parents to hang up the phone. Authorities never call to ask about your involvement-- they will come to your door with a warrant.

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There are 75 comments

  • On Wednesday, September 30, 2015, Jennifer wrote:

    Call DEA office of diversion-877-792-2873. I just had a call from "Special Agent Greg Wilcox, ID #AF 38720-1 telling me my name came up in an online pharmacy investigation. That my name was one of 18 individuals on an arrest warrant and I needed to go to Fed court and give written testimony, sign dismissal documents, and pay a $1,000 fine. He also informed me he was placing a wire tap on my phone and that me being on a phone call was not the only time they could listen bc they didn't want me discussing the case. When I explained I have no job, and that I am in school for my AS Degree in legal studies and have been a paralegal since 2003, he wanted to get off the phone and said he would only call back if he could get a waiver so I would not have to pay the fine and then hung up.
    I called local DEA here to check on his name and badge # and was told it was a scam and to call the 877#. I called, reported him and then called him back and told him I had done so. Of course there was no answer and an outgoing message that didn't make sense, as gov't agencies employ ppl to answer the phone. So, I left him a message telling him I reported him, good luck trying to steal my identity bc my credit is crap and I have a $2 bank acct balance. I also told him to have a nice day, that I hoped he was caught and called him a son of a bitch.
    The messed up part is, he DID know I ordered from an online pharmacy and which address it was delivered to, so hopefully, it was their system that was hacked and this dick fuck doesn't have my personal info. I'm a lifelock customer, so I will be reporting this to them so they can note my account.

  • On Monday, August 10, 2015, Annoyed wrote:

    This caller scared the crap out of me...he NEEDS TO BE STOPPED as does this ring since I got a message on my cell alleging to be from special agent John Anderson of DEA in Philadelphia saying if I didn't call back he'd get a warrant. Now that I found out this is all BS, I am LIVID at him and can't wait until he gets back to me.
    I called back the number on my ID 215-989-4386 and it rang about 10 times and then I got a recorded announcement from a woman saying this was the DEA and to leave a message, etc., etc. Even if this was real, NEVER SPEAK TO A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER INVESTIGATING ANYTHING WITHOUT A LAWYER. NEVER. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE SILENT. USE IT GUILTY OR NOT.

  • On Wednesday, August 05, 2015, Stacey W. wrote:

    Got a call from Special Agent John Anderson for my boss today (215-989-4386) stating that he works for the DEA and needed to speak to "Bob" about an ongoing investigation. Sounded like a scam and it was. Report these criminals here. https://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov

  • On Wednesday, July 22, 2015, Lito wrote:

    My grandfather received a call from a (321) area code based in Florida. As others have described here, the individual calls accusing the victim importing illegal priscription drugs and begins to get aggresive telling him that he has a warrant for his arrest and needs to deal with this immediately. My grandfather vehemently denied the claims and hung up.

    They catch you off gaurd because they call you by your full name and know your address. Please hang up. This is a complete fraud. When you call the number back it is a shady male on an answering machine saying "This is the DEA, leave a message"...pure bogus.

  • On Friday, July 17, 2015, wendy wrote:

    I received a call just like those shared here already. The person identified himself as special agent John Anderson and was very aggressive and threatening. He told me that, to clear my name, I would need to fly to the Dominican Republic and pay $1900 in civil penalties there and then asked me if I could leave today otherwise, he'd have federal agents come to my house and arrest me. I insisted that I would need to see paperwork before taking such action and that I was concerned that this was a potentially fraudulent call. At that point, his language became even more threatening and, when I held my ground, he disconnected the line. Very unsettling as he did seem to have all my personal info!

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