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Facebook Powerball Text

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How the scam works:

Entering lotteries with the hopes of a big payday is a typical activity for many people. But what happens if you receive a text message or email stating that you have been randomly selected to receive $50,000 just for using the internet? Well, you’ve just been the latest “lucky” target of a recurring scam, that’s what.

The Facebook Powerball Text scam has two variations:

1. Victims will receive a text – or email – from an agency whose goal is “promoting the handicapped”. They will tell you that your email address or cell phone number has been randomly selected as the winner of the $50,000 Powerball prize, and all you need to do to claim your prize is to give them your Facebook address and email address, PLUS PASSWORDS.

Watch the video below to see the Facebook Powerball scam caught in real time.

Facebook Powerball Scam Caught On Video

2. Victims will receive a text from a guy who claim to already won the Powerball draw (see picture above) and is donating part of the proceeds. Indeed, he will ask you for your personal information in order to release the funds. The name used by the scammer is Mark Hill.

Watch the video below to see this variation of the scam explained.

Facebook Powerball Donation Scam Video

These two variations of the scam come after another one which did its rounds last winter on Facebook. Back then, a man claiming to be named Nolan Daniels posted a picture of himself holding a winning ticket of a $587.5 million. This scam was just perpetrated online, after being shared by millions of Facebook users in hopes of a win.

powerball scam

How to avoid:

Of course, it is prudent to never give your passwords to anyone. Be aware that there is never a situation where you will receive something free – or so valuable – just by merit of having an email address or cell phone number. Agencies who have a mission that is unclear at best are typically fraudulent as well. Always do your research online. If you are really looking to make some money through social media or reward systems, there a couple of alternatives that are trustworthy and can offer you great opportunities:


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There are 67 comments

  • On Wednesday, April 08, 2015, jona wrote:

    I got this message from a fb friend thst I grew up with.....Hello, I just want to know if you have received your winning money from Annual Anniversary of Fb and powerball. I have received Two Huindred THousand Dollars from them and you need to contact Fredrick to get yours too because your name is also on their list of the lucky people. Here is the Fredrick Contact info: (971) 444-7126. Text him your name and address and he will let you know what you need to do to get your money.

  • On Tuesday, December 16, 2014, Carrie Chilcott wrote:

    Hi someone sent me the scam found out fast that is was a scam
    Here is his info agentgarypickels01@gmail.com
    Told me to send 450 used to Peggy Gravot 10 highway road highland Illinios usa 62249 through western union then asked me to email him the 10 digit MTCN number

  • On Saturday, October 18, 2014, robsilversmith wrote:

    I was scammed by powerball Facebook promo.same thing they said they where someone else that won.n I new her.she didn't even win.but they got me for 1350

  • On Friday, October 17, 2014, Whitney Stribling wrote:

    I wanna know if this is a scam

  • On Thursday, October 16, 2014, Raven Mayfair wrote:

    Hello, Im Raven. A good friend of mine emailed me & said he saw my name & profile pic from FB as he was receiving a cash reward of $200,000...!!! Cash.?.
    Hmm. Why my friend would tell me he won this money Ilk never know.
    I emailed Mr. Frederick Allen whose heading this years FB lottery
    I was directed to a site where they asked me my ss no & my gmail.& fb passwords. Ahh. No thank you dear Sir.
    About why my friend has said he won Ill never know. Beware ...

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