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Microsoft Tech Support

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How the scam works:

The growing number of computers per household all over the world has offered scammers a variety of fraud ideas. One of the latest telephone scams reveals criminals calling house numbers, claiming to be Microsoft technicians offering “free security checks”. Once they get the victims’ trust to get them logging into their computers, the scammers get either remote access to the machines or trick them to give away credit card number information. This is also known as the Scareware Scam.

Watch the video below to see in action how the scam happens.

Microsoft Tech Support Scam Video

According to a survey done by Microsoft, 16% of their product users have received such phone calls. You can get one too, not necessarily from “Microsoft techies”, but from fake Apple, Samsung, Google reps, etc.

How to avoid:

These companies are so busy already offering tech support - it’s probably impossible for them to call you, instead of the other way around. If you watched those videos above you will know exactly how to play with the scammers when they call.

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  • On Monday, January 19, 2015, anonymous wrote:

    Its an Indian technical support company doing fraud with US Customers by taking remote access and misrepresenting them as Microsoft, Dell, Mcafee etc. Please do something if you can. Their scam website: www.itesstechnologies.com

  • On Monday, January 12, 2015, Mike B wrote:

    Had a call from an Indian sounding gentleman this morning at 07:10, from 001718377918, just as I was leaving for work.
    He introduced himself as "Raj" from Microsoft and asked if I was having trouble with my computer. I knew straight away it was a scam so I told him that I was having problems with the computer. He said he could help so I held him on the line for a few minutes while I "booted up". After a few minutes I told him I was ready to go but that I had a blue screen with a message showing. He asked what the message was so I told him. It says "F**K Off" I said and he promptly hung up! How rude of him.

  • On Friday, December 26, 2014, Roger Serrano wrote:

    Your employee, Victor at phone # 201-399-6208 doesn't return phone call when promised and hasn't fix my Computer problems. I'm tired of the run around. I want a supervisor to call me ASAP.
    Roger Serrano Contract date: 9-14-14

  • On Friday, December 05, 2014, Mark wrote:

    Just had a call, told me to go to www.winsoft127.com and download program, run it so they can access my machine. This is a scam and once I told them I was recording their message and pinging their location they quickly hung up. They also tried to get me to run "eventvwr" . This is a well known scan that has been running from India since 2009. They also say they are based in Melbourne.

  • On Thursday, December 04, 2014, Vigilant wrote:

    I was getting several of these calls a week until I quit hanging up and stayed on the line. My record was wasting 14 minutes of their time by playing dumb, always answering their question with a question, telling them we had a bad phone line and couldn't understand them, etc. before ending the call with, "So, why is my Mac sending you these error messages?" Haven't heard from them in over 2 months...

    FYI, This also works with "Heather from Card Services" and the offer of "a lower interest rate".

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