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Payday Loans

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How the scam works:

Criminals claim to be the reps of companies that offers payday loans, which are paycheck advances of cash with a short-term payback.

Most of the callers identify themselves as attorneys for the loan company. They obtain credit card information, dates of birth, confidential telephone numbers and other personal information, and then proceed to victimize the residents. Even worse, they threaten the victims with blackmailing if they don't receive the amount. 

How to avoid:

Try to stay away from business pitched over the phone, especially if they are payday loans. Do not respond to their threats. Ignore them and inform the Police or the closest law enforcement agencies. Feel free to post below the names of the scammers, if you were contacted. If you want to borrow money from payday loans agencies, use only reputable companies.

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  • On Friday, August 15, 2014, Erica wrote:

    I received an email from this address stating I was approved for a $5,000.00 loan and need to contact them! I called the number listed @ 484 525 6755 and spoke with Eric Gordon. He stated that I would need to show validation in my account of the first payment of $175.00 in order to verify that I was able to make the required monthly payments. Once the money was available I was asked to load the money on a green dot card and that there would be a $4.95 charge to do this once loaded I was to call the same # back and give them the # on the back of the card. I did this and called back and was directed to Kevin Wright which in return said that the company needed an additional $325.00 verified to equal 10% of the loan being a total of $500.00 to be verified. He assured me that once I did this the money for the loan and the $500 would be sent to my account. I was then called after 45 min by a Hugh Foster stating that they were unable to transfer the money into my account and I would have to go to a western union to pick it up. Because of this method I would need to pay $220.00 for them to send it. I paid this amount, called them back and spoke with Hugh Foster again he said he would call me back in 15 min with the confirmation code to use at the western Union to pick up the transactions. He never called back so I panicked and called back . No answer. I called 10 more times still no answer. I know I have been scammed now, but in my defense these gentlemen were very good at what they did. The email I received had attached documents that stated the terms of the loan, payment, percentage and length of the loan. I felt it was a true loan company as I was looking for a loan to fix my credit!

  • On Tuesday, August 12, 2014, Tiffany Jennings wrote:

    Checking Advance America - They make you keep paying money on greendot money pak. I've lost $2102 Now their asking for more to give my money back.

  • On Monday, August 11, 2014, Sulaiman wrote:

    not paid... scam unlicash... please submit list unlicash.com scam scam scam unlicash... i not paid 198 dollar... unlicash.com not paid to me... 198 dollars... thanks...

  • On Monday, August 11, 2014, Ronnie wrote:

    thought you would like to see this one

    From: Mrs Donna Mills ;
    Sent: Tue, Aug 12, 2014 5:00:30 AM

    Good Day,
    My company gives out loans to serious minded individuals and companies at low interest rate, minimum amount offer : $5,000.00 and maximum amount
    offer: $5,000,000.00.

    Are you interested on the loan amount? confirmed the receipt of this email. Get back to us as soon as possible so that we can furnish you with the loan terms and condition. Note: All replies should be sent to amstrongservice2@gmail.com for quick response.

  • On Wednesday, August 06, 2014, Christine wrote:

    I have received many phone calls telling me I have a loan preapproved. Then they told me that to get the loan I have to use a vanilla reload network card. I googled it an read all the scams. I told them off but now they call me all the time. Different phone numbers. I am really thinking of calling the police. 510-854-1235 916-469-7503 510-355-8702 713-597-6174 979-200-7445 202-239-0398 805-876-5188 805-308-2880 216-414-3145 and 20011

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