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Wrong Number Voicemail

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How the scam works:

You return home from a night out with friends to find you have a new voicemail. As you hit play, you realize very quickly the message is not for you, as the caller misdialed the number. The fact that the person says "Hey Tina" is your first hint.

But after another ten seconds you realize that doesn't matter--since it sounds like the person is giving you free, albeit unintentional, stock advice: "Remember Mike? He just told my sister that his company has a huge announcement tomorrow morning. Keep it to yourself, but their stocks are going to skyrocket. If you can, buy as many shares in XEO as you can, and buy them tonight. I know I am! They're 25 cents per share, but he says they could get to over $10 in a few days”. The trick is, this is a company the person stands to make money off of.

How to avoid:

This is not the way to get stock advice and it's generally very unlikely you're getting a sure thing. This is also a little thing called "Insider Trading" which is what put Martha Stewart behind bars. It's probably best to steer clear for a number of reasons.

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