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Malaysian Lottery Brochure Fake

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How the scam works:

In the last few months, a well-designed travel brochure has been hitting millions of homes. Is started in Australia a few years ago and now is in full blast all over the world.

The publication contains lottery scratch tickets offering complimentary lottery prizes to celebrate a new investment opportunity.

The scratch tickets reveal a prize of $170,000. Since the winning is published in a nice and glossy magazine, several people really believe they hit the jackpot!

The winners are informed there is a $7,000 government tax to pay before the proceeds can be released and the travel company will pay half. The recipient just has to send the other half by wire transfer, to Malaysia or Hong Kong.

The publishers of the brochure require the winners to provide a copy of their passport for authentication, along with bank account details. As you can imagine, the "winners" of $130,000 are waiting in vain to get their money after that, as there is no prize.

Amber Tourism scam

scrathie scam malaysia

cherry tourism scam

How to avoid:

Ignore the fact that is a well-designed travel brochure. It’s not a real deal. Scammers can make everything nowadays look official, especially with the advancement of technology. Above and below you have real pictures of these fake brochures. As you can see they have similar design, sign that behind the scam are the same people. There are more pictures below.

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decent tours scam

lotus life scam 2

mars travelling scam2

platiunum travels scam

There are 673 comments

  • On Monday, July 28, 2014, Pauline G Hunter wrote:

    Received today 28th July Botanic Travelling. 2 scratchie tickets 1 with a Thank You and the other wow surprise surprise a win 2nd prize USD 175,000.00
    Burnt well on my fire.

  • On Sunday, July 27, 2014, Anila wrote:

    Same story as above. I suspected a scam right from the start. I have reported it to the NZ Police and Scam watch NZ. Same Christopher Chong and telephone numbers and all other details as above.

  • On Friday, July 25, 2014, Chris wrote:

    Yes we live in Hobart Tasmania, we received 2 scratchy tickets in the mail, from (GARDENSPARADISE)same story as all the others on this scam detector site. The Malaysian guy (Christopher Chong) who I spoke to when I rang the Malaysian number on the ticket informed me there must have been a mistake when the tickets were sent out because they we meant to be sent only to people working for the sponsors etc and associated people in the travel industry. I told him I had a winning ticket for $175,000 USD he said to copy the ticket in colour and email to him, did this and then he wanted verification of my dealings with this company, I said I had not had any dealings with them or with any of their sponsors,AIR ASIA comes up on their website, I had looked at AIR ASIA a few weeks prior to receiving the tickets, so I thought well maybe this is legit, but no I am sure its a SCAM.I did not let on to them that I was suspecting a SCAM.I said I have not got $7K so they agreed to pay half of the $7000.00 USD this being 4.2 % they offered to pay half USD $3,675.00 to the Hong Kong High court this money the said is so we both can get a LETTER OF AUTHORISATION from the HONG KONG court , so when we both have this so called authorisation and every body is happy...YEAH RIGHT. this is meant to stop money laundering, illegal,drug money etc What a JOKE This is a clever SCAM beware DO NOT SEND THESE SCUM BAGS A CRACKER. Ph numbers given to me to ring are 00852 6795 9790, and 6011 3653 7065/7066.

  • On Monday, July 21, 2014, bill abrams wrote:

    Groupasiaparadise out of Hong Kong had almost had me hooked with their phone skills and 50,000 brochures mailed. This should be put in newspapers around NZ to alert gullible Kiwis
    Bill Abrams

  • On Monday, July 21, 2014, Rob wrote:

    Received my Gardens Paradise winning ticket today 2nd prize 175000 USD. Andrew Khoo was the guy I spoke to. He even sounds like he is in the travel industry. Had me almost convinced there for a while . There must be some way to scam the scammer

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