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Malaysian Lottery Brochure Fake

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How the scam works:

In the last few months, a well-designed travel brochure has been hitting millions of homes. Is started in Australia a few years ago and now is in full blast all over the world.

The publication contains lottery scratch tickets offering complimentary lottery prizes to celebrate a new investment opportunity.

The scratch tickets reveal a prize of $170,000. Since the winning is published in a nice and glossy magazine, several people really believe they hit the jackpot!

The winners are informed there is a $7,000 government tax to pay before the proceeds can be released and the travel company will pay half. The recipient just has to send the other half by wire transfer, to Malaysia or Hong Kong.

The publishers of the brochure require the winners to provide a copy of their passport for authentication, along with bank account details. As you can imagine, the "winners" of $130,000 are waiting in vain to get their money after that, as there is no prize.

Amber Tourism scam

scrathie scam malaysia

cherry tourism scam

How to avoid:

Ignore the fact that is a well-designed travel brochure. It’s not a real deal. Scammers can make everything nowadays look official, especially with the advancement of technology. Above and below you have real pictures of these fake brochures. As you can see they have similar design, sign that behind the scam are the same people. There are more pictures below.

decent tours scam

lotus life scam 2

mars travelling scam2

platiunum travels scam

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There are 716 comments

  • On Saturday, August 30, 2014, George Bird wrote:

    I received 2 tickets and a well presented brochure. I also had won $175000 . I email the address for more information as suspected it to be a scam. They replied that I needed to contact them by phone but no one had signed the letter. They have also set up an very impressive web site as well which makes it look like a genuine operation. Still not certain I tried a web search and was unable to find their web site.

  • On Friday, August 29, 2014, Julie Bird wrote:

    On Saturday 30th August 2014. Hello all. Yes I got on these letters mailed to me from Malaysia, and also won $175,000 USD.I rang the number on the card and the person who answered spoke Malaysian. I asked him if he spoke English. He said he could speak English if I wanted. I asked him to identify the company he worked for. He said it was Royal Crown Travel. I told him I had received a lottery ticket with a prize. He then said he was only the front desk and would put me through to the claims department. I then spoke to a man who identified himself as Lawrence Kong. I told him I had a received a prize on the ticket. He told me I needed to scan it and send it to him for verification. He asked form my contact number as e said her would verify the ticket and call me back. He gave me this email address: lawrence.kong@royalcrowntravels.com
    I asked him if his company has a web address. He gave me www.royalcrowntravels.com I told him I thought this was a scam but I sent the email to him. He has not called me back. I sent three emails and they did not bounce back. I wonder if these people are going to be able to get their printing and postage costs back....HA!HA! I hope. Cheers all....Regards,Julie

  • On Wednesday, August 27, 2014, Sharon wrote:

    Aug.28,2014. Yep, I received mine from Royal Crown Travels, saying a won USD 175,000. First thing I did was come to this page to check it out. I was right it is a scam. I hope no one taken in my this mob.

  • On Wednesday, August 27, 2014, Ian Bird wrote:

    An identical experience here in Aust. Two tickets, one for 2nd prize $175,000 (would you believe!). Smelt a rat, googled Royal Crown Travels, nothing sensible came up so guessed an obvious scam. I then found this site. Good on you for publicising a new style 'Nigerian' letter.

  • On Tuesday, August 26, 2014, paul wrote:

    Ito received a winning ticket I spent approx. a total of an hour talking a bloke who was called eidison tay in the end all they wanted was my bank details that's when I smelt a rat that's I terminated the phone calls

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